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Thread: Hydroplane Mod (To ISI)

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    Hydroplane Mod (To ISI)

    This is mainly a message to ISI, I've tried to email them in the past and never got a response.

    I've been working on the Hydroplane mod for quite a while for rFactor. There are some things I had to do in order to simulate the Hydroplane race starts that were not natively supported by rFactor.

    The boat races run on a clock start. Basically laps don't get counted until the clock hits 0:00. What I did in rFactor was implement a plugin that runs a clock for 5:00 minutes, during this five minutes it displays a clock on the screen using DirectX Hooks and to freeze the laps, I had to directly manipulate the memory in rFactor.

    I was wondering if we could come up with a better way of doing this in rFactor 2. A way that is natively supported by rFactor and a lot less Hackish. What I'm afraid of is that the underlying vehicles structure in rFactor's memory will change making it harder for me to freeze everyone's laps during the 5 minute clock (without a native solution).

    This is something that is very important for us in order to move the mod to rFactor 2.

    Also, user controllable wings would be a huge plus as the real hydroplanes have a controllable front canard wing.


    Scott Przybylski

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    I have an idea, I don't know if it will help you... I am an avid hydroplane fan and I have only ever seen them in scratch races where all boats start back off the track a bit and line up as they come down the straight, once all are close enough in a line the flag boat drops the flag and off they go... anyway the idea I have is maybe a time limited formation lap, something similar to how the americas cup boats start? anyone over the start line before the clock runs out is DQ'd

    I don't know... just an idea

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    You may want to look at Madcowie's Soapbox Racing. His starting solution could be what you are needing. In Soapbox Racing the start position is well behind start line and you can begin moving before the green light but get DQ if you cross the start line before the green shows.

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