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Thread: Safety Car?

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    Safety Car?

    I've been playing rFactor for a while now, I've enjoyed some mods and cars.
    I'm now racing the 1985 Season (Lotus 97t), I've created the Season tracks with CTDP season manager NX. Now... is the Safety Car thing a big bug in rFactor?
    Cause each time big crashes happen safety car I've selected don't appear (each time is a mod car instead of 88_PC Porsche) and race is all messed up (standings and laps).

    Can you help me with this issue?

    I've edited both rfm file of the Mod and the file generated by CTDP. In Gamedata\Vehicles\PaceCar\ I have my 88_PC folder. I need to create another folder in my 1985 Mod or not?

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    ISSUE solved

    I've solved by myself (just found some mistakes made by carrera.4 in the original 88_PC files).
    For who have problems here the correct SETUP:

    -Create a "PaceCar" folder in your mod, put the safety car folder in.
    -Be sure to write correct path names both in .gen and .veh files (Example in my case: F1_1985\PaceCar\88_PC\)
    -Add the Safety Car = "carname".veh in file generated by CTDP manager or Rfm file of your mod.

    In my case was / bad slash replaced with \ and some other bad paths.
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    I've been trying to duplicate your results with no success. What I'm trying to do is take a Pace car that was made for another mod and place it in a different one. So for example... I'm trying to use the corvette pace car from VHR Racing and place it into the Street stock V3.0 mod. I have put the VHR pace car in the folder that the Hammer was in. I edited the values to look for the VHR12_PC.veh file of the corvette. I'm simply getting a grey "temp" car. Any thoughts, if giving code instructions could you please write out the line exactly as it looks? I'm a little confused as being a noob to this.
    I did the PaceCar folder , put the VHRPaceCar folder in there as well and changed the rfm line to look for the above mentioned VHR12_PC.veh. I'm confused as to what .gen and .veh files I need to alter. Thanks for your help in this matter , or anyone else's. I also what to use the same pace car in the RFM Late Model Mod as well..

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