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    Safety Car/Yellow Flag Problem

    In rFactor 1 i recognized a problem in rfactor which is also in rfactor 2 .

    If the full course is yellow and the safety car is coming often players overtake under yellow without a penalty.
    So they can mix up the order of the grid before passing the line.

    If it is able to fix this problemit would be much more realistic and just fair because some driver reduce their speed under yellow and others drive like on a hotlap to be first behind the safety car.

    btw: If this system would be to difficult for the drivers it should be able to turn on and off .

    Greets Mathias

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    I agree. Once the full course yellow is called and cars go through the next marshall on track with the yellow flag and/or SC signal, all car positions should be recorded and so everybody should be called to stay behind the car he should (unless the car in front is offtrack or has just crashed).
    I can't see the point why some drivers just are so aggresive when this situations happen just to try and get some places before reaching the safety car (no sportmanship there at all)
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