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Thread: Can We Get Major Known Bug List?

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    Marc Collins's Avatar

    Toronto, CA

    Can We Get Major Known Bug List?

    Things like the mirrors in the 60's cars, steering lock that doesn't auto-adjust on Fanatec wheels, various other UI issues like the dual map display when selecting a track, etc., so that when each update is released it can confirm whether or not those issues are supposed to be resolved. I understand that there is an order to fixing things and that even though it seems strange that well known, glaring bugs are still present in subsequent updates, it is annoying to not know what is supposed to be fixed and what is not.

    I would add that an estimated graphics performance change would also be helpful...again so we can calibrate whether we are experiencing something resembling what is expected. For example, I got a nice performance improvement with 85 and then none with 101. I hope there wasn't supposed to be one with 101, but....how would one know one way or the other???

    I'd appreciate feedback from others. If we agree, I am sure it wouldn't take much for ISI to post a sticky and we could even nominate the "major issues" that we would like tracked.

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    ForthRight's Avatar

    Jan 2012
    Newcastle, UK
    It's a nice idea, but I don't think it is going to happen.

    With ISI being a small team they seem to give nearly all their focus to developing the software and working 'behind the scenes'.

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    buddhatree's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Dec 2011
    Dudebro, California
    The release notes describe what's been fixed, changed, optimized, etc...

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    MaXyM's Avatar

     PC Specification Facebook profile @@MaXyM_SRPL 

    Oct 2010
    Prague / CR
    I think it is not what OP is asking for.

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    Kiro's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Oct 2010
    Chesapeake Bay, USA
    Yep, kind of a drag having to read 40+ threads just to catch up.
    Would be nice to have a difinative update/reinstall proceedure for updates too since many get lost in that.
    Personally, I haven't touched rF2 since v85 or whatever when I could only look out the back of the car.
    Waiting for gold now, done beta beta beta, just want what I paid for.
    Ya fine, here comes the slams.

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    killerwatt's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Oct 2011
    Grangemouth, Scotland
    There is a file released with each update which lists changes to the sim. I cant recall offhand, but it will be called either release notes or update log.

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    Marc Collins's Avatar

    Toronto, CA
    The file that is released with each update does not address major known bugs, particularly those things that are known not to be not fixed. If those files did, I wouldn't have made this post.

    First off--where are they? Why not as a stiky at the top of the main forum, since this is a massive beta test?

    They are full of cryptic notations that only the people programming the sim would recognize (I am presuming they write the release notes). Doubters could perhaps expand on these points and tell the rest of us what they mean and how we would have a clue what to look for to see any difference from a prior release or whether they were working properly in our own instances so we could contribute to the beta testing process:

    Added an HDR parameter

    Ref mapper optimization

    tried to center loading bars

    fixed possible thread-safety issue

    Set some shadow defaults

    Updated some polygon attribs to conform to API change

    New internal combustion engine code work-in-progress

    Fixed server details sharing

    I don't think I have to go on... They are not all like this--some points are recognizable, but as I said in my original post, it is known that some bugs are not fixed in a particular release. Just tell us (the major ones that are being discussed in their own threads on this board!)

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