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Thread: ATi/AMD users hang in there

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    Crossfire 6870
    8Go DDR3
    Windows Seven Pro 64
    2600k CPU

    The problem for me is stutter, stutter, stutter and again stutter ......

    Spa, monaco, Monza, with Brabham: Stutter or micro stutter, with good FPS at 60 Vsyn. The solution for me: track detail to low with BT20 or middle with 60 F1.

    Midohio; Everything hight in game: NO stutter (track detail hight, 60 very smooth FPS)

    I did try everything (drivers, updates, Render Once Per VSync="3", PLR....) Stutter with ISI tracks.

    When stutter is hight at start race and is maximum, it's look to be every second.

    is there any solution ? Nvidia ? One single ATI card ? If a Nvidia card let me play with no stutter i will buy one, but i'm no shure.....

    Rfactor 2 is a great sim, thank you ISI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dec 2011
    Dudebro, California
    rF2 is in a state of development. Some builds will be better or worse than others. No reason to change hardware yet.

    We have to be patient. But I now how you feel, this game is so great, you just want to play. I bought a new Fanatec wheel just for rF2.

    From what I have read here in the forums, Crossfire and SLI are not working well. Most people have better performance with one card instead of two.

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    You are right. I do not blame ISI, i know that RF2 is beta and GREAT and i will be patient.
    I did spend many hours to try to stop stutter, so i just want to know if i did not the right thing.
    Sorry if my post look like i blame ATI or ISI, i just blame me !!! With RF2 i've got a nice image, good FPS, a fantastic gameplay so not fare to be perfect for me.
    I'm ok when FPS is bad but stutter makes me craizy.
    I will try a single card Nvidia to see if stutter is from ATI, Crosfire, system or other hardware.
    Thanks for reply, i promess to be very patient.

    PS: I did buy and modify a CRS Elite to for RF2.

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    Oct 2010
    @ bbel

    Unfortunately quite a few SLI/Xfire users have posted similar problems, there seems to be an issue with the 2nd GPU not being utilised properly and some report better performance with SLI/Xfire disabled!

    I do notice you say if you turn settings down and/or run what's generally considered to be an FPS friendly track (MidOhio) you get good performance. Are your 6870's 1 or 2GB versions, it could be possible you're using too much VRAM?

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    2x 6870 and 1GB per card. When i disable Crossfire FPS is less. (30% less) and stutter are sometime here and some time not...
    How i could less vram ? in config.ini ? There is something that i don't know how i can use is the ctr+c....
    Thanks for reply, MJP

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