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    rFactor stopped working

    Hi guys,
    I have a serious issues with my rFactor 2. I bought rFactor few days later that ISI release the first version of beta. I can play the first days until I left it. Then ISI released the last version (build85) with new improvements and I wanted return to install this version. At the first moment it not worked. Then I start to uninstall and install, deleting all files respect to rFactor2, Userdata, .rFactor (in Appdata/Roamings)... ALL but when I install again rFactor 2 (build 85) with all mods of this link: the problem is the same in all cases. rFactor dejó de Funcionar. I can log into in rFactor correctly, but when I press to play in rFactor (offline or online) this is the problem.

    I have a 2.4GHz Intel Core duo, 4gb Ram, 9500GT Nvidia, Windows7 Ultimate 64bits, and I have never had any problems. I asked a support of ISI and he said me to I write it here. I don't know to do more, but I want to play at rFactor 2!! Also I have the drivers of graphics updates at the last version.

    Sorry for my English, thanks guys.

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    Yea, i have the same issue after installing GT mod v1.0

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    Everything has to be up to date, it says this in many places relating to build 85. It WILL NOT RUN another way.

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    Then, what I can do? Because I have already installed all mods necessary.

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