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Thread: Track Viewer coming?

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    bison160's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Jan 2012
    Hot Springs, SD

    Track Viewer coming?

    Did a search and couldn't find any pertinant info. Is there a scene viewer coming for rf2 with all of the new features implimented? it sure would be nice to have to work on all these new things we have to basically just guess and check.

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    Jka's Avatar

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    Knowledgeable member
    Yep, it's little bit time consuming to fire up dev mode each time to check something out

    Freecam mode helps, but it's not so versatile than good'n'old rF1 scene viewer.

    I believe it's coming "soon". If my memory serves correctly, Scott said they were forced to leave it out for now because of bugs.


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    ethone's Avatar

     PC Specification rF2 Rank Laptimes Modding Group: virtua_lm 

    Nov 2011
    Düsseldorf, Germany
    Or perhaps it has been left out so that there are only two engines (proper and DevMode) to update each time something changes instead of three. At times it seems updating two is already straining resources.

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    bison160's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Jan 2012
    Hot Springs, SD
    Yeah, it would really be a pain i suppose. I was just hoping and looking for an answer to if we are going to get one at some point

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