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Thread: Identifying content status

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    Identifying content status

    I noticed a nice little addition to the Audi R18 thread (WIP/No release). I like that.
    Do you guy mind doing that for all new content? It's very helpful and saves time from having to search the entire topic to see if a particular car, track or other content is finally released or updated.
    If it's a WIP, then please mark it as such..then RELEASED in the title when it finally complete and available for download.
    If it's updated from a previous release, then mark it as UPDATED.
    It saves the confusion of not having the latest versions of cars, tracks and other content.

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    That's why I titled my thread "Audi R18 - wip (no release)

    So there's no doubt in what your gonna find inside it eheh
    But a prefix is the best thing to identify mod status, agree.

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