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View Poll Results: What is the best wheel and pedal combo?

71. You may not vote on this poll
  • Fanatec CSR Elite

    12 16.90%
  • Thrustmaster T500RS

    16 22.54%
  • logitech G27

    25 35.21%
  • Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    7 9.86%
  • Other

    11 15.49%
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Thread: Best Wheel Combo

  1. #21
    Cleverleyson's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification 

    Jan 2012
    i love my 500rs i need a ferreri rim, mod first please

  2. #22
    Cleverleyson's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification 

    Jan 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by modmate View Post
    My post 32 here:


    Follow the link there. The mod is nearly finished.He works togehter with L.Bodnar.

    And a last Vid for those thinkin TM fails on the F1 addon Wheel wich is TRUE cause the dont attach a SLI display but space for it. Do some fairly easy modding to it and you got something verry special:

    i bet he doesn't sale those and its a one off......jealous!

    http://harmoniamusic.blog89.fc2.com/blog-entry-240.html wow

  3. #23
    Guy Moulton's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification Facebook profile YouTube Channel Where I race LiveRacers Driver Page 

    Jan 2012
    Tampa, FL, USA
    The best performer, when it worked, was my T500 RS with CSP's. But the CSP's are expensive and poorly made. What I learned from that nightmare is that with Fanatec shoddy products, you will lose as many races because of the equipment not working right as you will win with the lap time advantage that a load cell will give you. I do miss the greater throw of the pedals.

    Go with a solid combo and learn to be fast wit it. I'm doing just as well with the T500 pedals as I was with the CSP's and I have yet to have a problem with the pedals. I did have a problem with the downshift double shifting but I've solved that. I do use the brake mod that comes with the set to stiffen the brake pedal and I've increased the throw of the pedals as much as I could.

    I had a G25 and I would get a G27 with no reservations because that set was solid and fast. A few tweaks and you are all set.

    I would not recommend any Fanatec product, obviously. I have read good things about the new wheel they have- but it just came out and no one has seen how these will last.
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  4. #24
    1959nikos's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification Where I race 

    Mar 2012
    what tweaks you advise for G25?

  5. #25
    Ricknau's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification 

    Nov 2011
    Boy, I just can't recommend a G27 for rF2. I had one and loved it right up until I played rF2. It's the rattle thing. That rattle is FFB info that's not getting to your hands properly due to its force deadzone. I got a CSR non-elite and now I can feel the subtleties of minor back-and-forth forces.

  6. #26
    coops's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification Where I race Modding Group: NONE 

    Feb 2011
    wait for the ( club sport wheel from fanatec due out in june.. and get the CSP'S from fanatec....thrustmaster th8rs shifter is the way to go. sequential and 7 speed.

  7. #27
    DurgeDriven's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification 

    Mar 2012
    Sydney, AUSTRALIA
    Quote Originally Posted by kingcars View Post
    What other sims? I haven't found one it doesn't work well with.
    Ditto even Carrera works in all sims well.
    TT Urban S31 : Seasonic M12 700 : Hydro H90 : 4690@3.5GHz : Gigabyte H97 Gaming 3 : G.Skill 8GB F3 1600C8 : Gigabyte GTX670 OC : X-Fi Titanium : 60GB Force3 : 1TB Black : W7HP64

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