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    Jan 2012
    Montors pretty much only support upto 1080p unless you go nuts.

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    Oct 2010
    tyldesley, manchester
    have a look on they one of if not the best system builder in uk
    here are some of my pics from racing over the last season or two

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyder View Post
    Can you?? I had to overclock mine via the motherboard bios menu and install an aftermarket cooler...

    good cooling aka Hydro H60
    Although there are other board manufactures offer similar setup, really I would be surprised if not most.

    Unless you talking about bottom end boards of course.

    Here is MSi Gen3 cheaper "full performance" with one press overclock

    $169AUD ... bargain, actually this would be the motherboard I would get myself.
    You don't need to spend 400 bucks.
    People spend anymore and sacrifice other peripherals I will never understand.
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    Apr 2012
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    im not sure about msi for intel, but for amd they were total garbage, melted the phase power handlers (the capacitors) on 3 of there motherboards, all of which were dubbed there "oc'ing boards" msi's customer support is garbage too, dont ever trust msi with your hardware

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    Apr 2011
    Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
    Hmmm..I am on my 3rd MSI board.....with nary an issue from any of them. I still have my 865PE Neo2 with the 2.6 Prescott furnace on Current one is a MSI 990FXA-GD80. I have the 980BE quad on it on a mild OC to 3.9. I have used ASUS, Gigabyte and AsRock as well and never had any issues with any motherboards....I must be living a charmed life... .

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    ............Old stories has no bearing todays MSi.

    Their video cards are great too.

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