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Thread: Getting 1-2fps with original tracks.

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    Getting 1-2fps with original tracks.


    I'm still struggling to work out how to explain this, so bare with me.

    Ok, when I load up any car on any of the original tracks, I get everything slow. Not just the racing, but also the menu screen. It runs at 1-2fps, and even clicking on buttons eg: race, it takes a while to respond.

    Now on any new track that has been created eg: mid ohio, I have no wait time on the menu and my fps is 70+.

    I have tested this issue on the lowest possible graphics setting and up to the highest. The only thing that changes is my good fps.

    I'm very confused.

    computer - intel i7 870, nvidia geforce gtx470, 4gb ram, windows 7 32bit.

    Any help please, or even someone having this same problem?



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    Your OS (Windows 7 32bit) is running out of RAM. You should upgrade to Windows 7 64bit and some additional 4gb ram wouldnt be bad too.
    RAM consumption for rF2 + Original Track = 1,9 Gigabyte
    RAM consumption for rF2 + Mid Ohio = 1,4 Gigabyte
    You can check it in task manager.

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    Thanks for your reply Tosch.

    I was expecting some comment about my windows 32bit, and have already been considering changing to 64bit to ramp up my ram anyway.

    My main issue is that I have run a little test.

    I checked my memory usage in task manager and it is about 2.8gb in monaco using the 60s gp cars.
    If I am just racing on my own (not online), I have my original problem.
    When I go online, it runs fine. approximately 70 fps around monaco.

    still confused.

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    Sounds like a software problem (drivers?) too. So if you are considering W7 64 bit, you get a new install, right? Install all over again and looks to me, 99% chance the problem is fixed anyway.
    It should run on 4 Gb ram anyway; I did that with W XP and didn't have that tear drawing performance......
    Good luck!

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    I have the same problem since beta was released... Sometimes the game loads fine with max fps, and sometimes I get 1-2 fps after loading..

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