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Thread: Fun Race

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    DrR1pper's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Apr 2012
    Sign me up please
    Guide: Optimal FFB settings for rFactor 2 - The key to driving in the zone/flow

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    F1 2004's Avatar

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    Oct 2010

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    1959nikos's Avatar

     PC Specification Where I race 

    Mar 2012

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    privatebrian's Avatar

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    Jan 2012

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    Dany Mitchel's Avatar

     PC Specification Facebook profile @apocalypse_dan Where I race Modding Group: YutaniDesign 

    Jan 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by DrR1pper View Post
    Sign me up please
    Yes you did find the right TS3 today twice lol but they was only flying visits guess we will see you on race night

    we are looking at running a weekly event in the long run but at this moment in time we are working on a new system that tracks all driver stats and constructor points loads of stuff thing is I did not right the software and to get it all set up is going to take a little
    TLC and trial and error I am in contact with the owner of the software and I have asked him to help me set up 1 league so I have a template to work from it is the same as all new things loads to learn in the 1st month and then it all becomes second nature.
    I am speaking to Fergy to and we are working out the best time and best way to go about implementing a weekly event we should be sorted by the start of next month or by the middle of the month
    we would like to run a few more test(Fun) Races to iron out some of the issues we noticed from the last one we are always striving to move this group forwards to better racing
    as soon as I have the new software sorted out on the league web site Ill post a ulr to it

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    Dany Mitchel's Avatar

     PC Specification Facebook profile @apocalypse_dan Where I race Modding Group: YutaniDesign 

    Jan 2012
    Ok Drivers that wish to do so may now Sign up on our league website.
    Only drivers that have signed up can be included in the Leagues Points and Drivers Standings this is due to it being a requirement of the League software, It can only track the stats of drivers that are in its database, But anyone can still enter your information will just be dropped by the software once the quali & race XML is uploaded as your name will not be located in the database, We do not wish to exclude any Driver from our races we feel this is the best way to suit everyone.
    It is a simple registration and we @ ARI do not hand any private information on to any other 3rd party.
    please head on over to www.league.sr4l.com I will Be adding this information on the post for the Mote Carlo Event when Posted But seen as some of you Drove in the last race it is only fair that you get 1st dips on signing up.
    Remember Drivers can sign up at any time during the season But you will only get Driver Standings after
    your Drivers information is entered in to the Database
    If your in from the start then you start scoring point at the next event it seems like a no Brainer to me.
    I do hope to see most of your names signed up and do please feel free to pop in to TS3 for any reason
    we do not bite(Unless you asks us to).
    just to recap
    www.league.sr4l.com is where you go to become a member of the league.

    Is how long you got to get signed up and to get practising.

    Here is a link to our rules and regulations please read them then you know what is expected from you
    as a Sim Driver

    We would like to thank all Drivers and Forum Posters that have made the last event fun and thrilling to be involved with. Kudos to all All Drivers that was involved in the last race you drove like true Drivers clean and consistent please bring that spirit and gusto to our next event

    The A.R.I 1960's Mote Carlo Extravaganza. We hope to see you in the Pits for 1st Practice.
    please Keep your eyes pealed in the forums for a threat named
    The A.R.I 1960's Mote Carlo Extravaganza. we will be posting the new race information in this tread
    we wish you all the best in your futures as Sim Drivers and look forward to our next evet.

    Dany Mitchel Team Captain and Driver number 2 for Accretion Racing International

    ps:If you require any more information on our league system a user manual can be found here
    Last edited by Dany Mitchel; 05-13-12 at 08:30 AM.

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    Dany Mitchel's Avatar

     PC Specification Facebook profile @apocalypse_dan Where I race Modding Group: YutaniDesign 

    Jan 2012
    Our New thread is up and you can now sign up

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