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Thread: stuck on piviot points .

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    stuck on piviot points .

    Hey everyone,
    I've got my car in game but I can't seam to set up my wheels no matter what I try. Dose anyone gave a guide or any suggestions? Someone please help me I have no idea what to do

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    I posted about this a while ago. Maybe I should put it in the wiki.
    Quote Originally Posted by mianiak View Post
    Set your spindle pivot the same as the wheel.
    I find the best way to do it is,,
    First, set the centre/pivot point of the tire because that's the most 'equal/ballanced' object then attach the wheel, brake disc, brake glow, spindle and any other parts you have that turn with the wheel and spindle. then selecting by material or select by element and detach off each individual part, renaming it as you go. Don't forget to go back into the instance rollout and reset them up. This way saves a lot of stuffing around trying to copy and paste etc.
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    Also check the tire related files here.

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    Hey mianiak. Wouldn't be possible to add setting up the pivot to the Tyre making tutorial. I'm sure I'm not the only blonde person on here lol

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