Anybody did a working wiper animation?

I made a wiper anim in max, i think the anim file size it's too small, because a checked the Nissan GT-R wiper anim file, and it's 100 times bigger then mine. In the animation rollout, have two section, "Anim Type" and "Get Frames From". I tried all of them, but nothing. When i set the Morf Target, the file wery small, and the game is crashed, but when i set the Selected Nodes the file 3 times bigger than the Nissan, and the game is loaded, but no cockpit, just the steereng wheel, and in front of me i see my car underbody
And in the GMT Output rollout has one more Animation section, but i don't know i need to use this section and how. But i tried this one as well, but everytime the same problem.