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Thread: Faulty rFmod TORRENT DL links here one the forums....

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    Thumbs down Faulty rFmod TORRENT DL links here one the forums....

    Guys the Torrent file links for the rFmod's in the dedicated DOWNLOAD thread are faulty.

    They all point to a html doc and not an actual torrent file?

    Please advise / repair them for us.

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    Im using IE9 and Chrome 18 with both the exe and torrent working on my end. I know that dont help you but it is at least working on my end.

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    The fault is at your end, all links work.

    What are you using for torrents ?

    The reason it points to html is you have not associated the torrents with a program is my guess.

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    right click on the as..... .torrent

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