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Thread: HUD Issue - Sync option in Configure Sim

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    HUD Issue - Sync option in Configure Sim

    Hi there,

    I've spotted a problem with the HUD while driving, which is linked to the Sync Setting in Configure Sim.
    Once the Sync setting is on "Software", there is a certain lag with changing LCD modes. I have to press the "LCD mode" button 5-10 times to switch to the next LCD mode. This happens with all HUD Styles, however using the Multidial HUD the lag is lower compared to the two other HUDs.

    This problem does not occur when the Sync setting is None, GPU or Video.
    Maybe it is a problem with multiple controllers. I've got a G25, but modded some extra buttons on it, using a disassembled gamepad.
    So there are two controllers which have assigned buttons. The "LCD Mode" button is assigned to the gamepad, not the G25.

    Does anyone have the same problem?

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    Yeah I have the same problem. I didnt know it was because of the software sync mode, but thanks for pointing that out. I'm using a G25 and a Logitech Attack 3 joystick.

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