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Thread: Problems opening .gmts in 3dsmax

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    Problems opening .gmts in 3dsmax

    I'd like to try o convert a track from RF1 to RF2. So I installed 3dsmax 2011, installed the gmt import plugin, the rf2 dev tools and then copied the shaders to the correct folder.

    When I open up 3dsmax 2011 I first open the Compact material editor and then I import a directory with my RF1 track .gmt files. Then 3dsmax starts loading all the files and material settings, when it seems to be finished nothing happens and the application does not respond anymore. So the only possibility is to close 3dsmax. The same happens also when i try to load just 1 single gmt file.

    Why? Thanks for your help.

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    I think you might need to have the rF1 shaders etc... when doing the import, then save swap over the shaders etc...

    There is a cool script for swapping between rF1 support and rF2 support. Have to go out now, but its on here somewhere.

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    Or is the problem 3dsmax 2011? Maybe should I try 2010? Problem is I can't find a trial version...

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    Read thru that mess, it might help a bit.

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    With 3dsmax 2010 it works, but all the commands are painful slow (i5, 16gb ram). I think I wait till there is a new version of 3dsimed or something similar (even it will take a while).

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    So, now I opened a whole track from RF1 in 3dsmax. Do I need to rework every single material so save the gmts for RF2?

    Otherwise I get "no texmap defined for this stage, MATERIAL NAME."

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