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Thread: No Spotter

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    Mar 2012

    No Spotter

    This was discussed previously, and now in the build 60 archive here.

    However, I've recently been hearing the spotter relay lap-times in a few people's videos, but I'm not hearing anything with my laps.

    Number of sounds is maxed at 64, spotter detail has been tried at both 'High' and 'Full', and my sound device is set to 'Headphones'.

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    Same here, no spotter once in any of the public rF2 builds. I read it's too quiet for the moment but I haven't heard a cue of it once no matter what. Honestly I though it was missing.

    Win 7 x64
    Core i5 760
    Ati HD 5870
    Stock MSI motherboard soundchip

    Spotter enabled in menu and 100% volume, checked the .cfg/.ini too and all looks set.

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    Jan 2012
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    I think those videos were shot in developer as i was turning some laps in developer and there was spotter times being called although very quiet.

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