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Thread: lost souns of engines

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    Dundee's Avatar

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    New Member
    Feb 2012
    In the middle of bumble**** nowhere

    lost souns of engines

    For some reason I cannot hear the sound of the engines in most of the games. Anybody any idea?

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    Jaageri's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Oct 2011
    Do you mean all engine sounds in Rfactor 2 beta or every single game that is installed on your pc?
    Do you hear other sounds, tires screams, crash effects, menu music etc.?
    Windows 7, vista, xp OS?
    Give more information please on your system, where not fortune tellers or mind readers here.

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    Dundee's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    New Member
    Feb 2012
    In the middle of bumble**** nowhere


    Sorry for my lack of information.....I thought that everybody has a Cristal Ball..or were named "Mentalist".... But seriously: The engine sound is all I've lost in Rf2. I can hear the announcer and for instance my gearbox thumb when shifting (both very soft). I have Win7- 64 bit and a soundblaster Xfi.
    BUT....... maybe I've got the problem. In the windows settings configuration, sound, there you can adress your speakers and mic. In tab 4 you can adjust the setting for communication. This setti was at "mute audio for 80% when communicating". Since it is possible to communicate during the race, my system probably confused this with telecomunication like skype and did the "mute thing". I've adjust to "no further action" and when i tested the game, all audio was back. I really hope that this was the problem, or it will return and then i'm out...... for a while...

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    Vitor Pinto's Avatar

    New Member
    Mar 2012
    Same trouble with me too, also in W7 64bit... any thougths about this?

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