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  Click here to go to the first staff post in this thread.   Thread: billboard trees don't turn.

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    Mario Morais's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification Facebook profile @mariomorais rF2 Rank Laptimes 

    Oct 2010

    Check the "tringulation" (read first post)

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    Nuno Lourenço's Avatar

    Oct 2010
    Didn't solve it Mario...

    i checked everything including triangulation but the result is always the same no matter how many plane i made...

    last palm that i tried i follow this tutorial from Luc

    - Draw the Plane from top-left to bottom-right. This will put vertices 1 and 2 as the base line (which is used as the quad's pivot).
    - Edit the Triangulation so the diagonal edge connects vertices 2 and 4 (again top-left to bottom-right).
    - Select the quad's vertices (or select the entire polygon) and set the Vertex Alpha to a value other than 100.0. At ISI we usually use 90.0 for no real reason.
    - Use a Stamp Vertex shader (for instance "Bump Specular Map T1 Stamp Vertex" - don't use the Alpha test version) and assign the material to the quad.
    - In the Exporter's Instance rollout, look for the Screen-Aligned Quads subsection, tick BB and select the button with the arrow pointing down to center the pivot point on the base line (between verts 1 and 2).



    vertex number.jpg

    vertex alpha.jpg

    bb and bottom.jpg

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    Nuno Lourenço's Avatar

    Oct 2010
    sorry for double post...



    the one on the right have everything ready except vertex alpha that is still in 100. the one on the left i rotated it upside down 180º and flip texture to stay in right position but became small and not on the ground

    When i set vertex alpha to 90 on the tree in right...


    Note that i rotate this too to stay in "right" orientation.

    Last one, the palm done with Luc tutorial


    This was not rotated so become upside down

    No more ideas here....

  4.   This is the last staff post in this thread.   #44
    Luc Van Camp's Avatar ISI Staff

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification @ISITrackTeam 

    Looks like I need to run further tests myself to figure this out . Last time I checked, it really mattered how you draw the polygon (you can start in each corner).

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    Mario Morais's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification Facebook profile @mariomorais rF2 Rank Laptimes 

    Oct 2010
    I recheck my tree and my vertex order is different but billboard works. (in base is 1, 3 and top is 2, 4.

    So i think the problem is the face orientation.
    In my image z axis is perpendicular to the face and dash line is top-left to bottom-right.
    try to flip the face.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Nuno Lourenço's Avatar

    Oct 2010
    Jesus christ, this is driving me crazy

    Tried like you have Mario and don't work too but as i need to remap texture it don't appear upside-down.

    It look's like the game automatically resize object in Z axis.

    new vertex order.jpg

    Next with vertex alpha 100


    But when changed to 90....


    I'm stuck and i don't want to move forward while this step isn't completed....

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    ethone's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification rF2 Rank Laptimes Modding Group: virtua_lm 

    Nov 2011
    Düsseldorf, Germany
    If you do it like from Luc's tutorial just mirror the UVW Mapping to turn it back onto its roots.
    The vertex numbering in later 3ds max versions differs from what Luc described but if you work around that the system itself still works fine.

  8. #48
    Nuno Lourenço's Avatar

    Oct 2010
    But ethone that is just one problem... game is resizing object in z axis and the bottom of plane won't stay on the ground after i define vertex alpha to 90

  9. #49
    feels3's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification @feels3 rF2 Rank Laptimes 

    Sep 2011
    Did you try to reset x-form?

  10. #50
    ethone's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification rF2 Rank Laptimes Modding Group: virtua_lm 

    Nov 2011
    Düsseldorf, Germany
    Yes, reset x-form comes to mind.
    Does it rotate correctly?

  11. #51
    Nuno Lourenço's Avatar

    Oct 2010
    Well, first i try to reset x-form in palm and it worked finally, after that i tried in the other and was a fight again even with reset x-form... but after more 15m trying i manage to put it working in second tree too.


    But i must have some bug in my MAX... After palm work i tried to scale it but after exported nothing changed...


    Again it only changed after do a reset x-form again.....


    Is it normal?

    just one more thing by now,


    With chroma color in black i have that effect. a lot of zones that should be transparent but aren't... how can i make it look better? In rf1 i used to use green color but seems not working here, or probably just another MAX bug.... in other trees it seems to work perfect but not in this one... alpha chanel is not the problem because it's correct.

  12. #52
    mianiak's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification 

    Knowledgeable member
    I know this is an old thread, but I was asked about this the other day and I have a simple method to fix any issues with billboard trees not working.

    Get and install soulburnscripts (SoulCollection3dsMax_) http://www.neilblevins.com/cg_tools/...urnscripts.htm

    You need to use 3 of those scripts, PutPivot, ObjectDetacher and ObjectReplacer. Open them all now and just drag them to the side so its ready.

    Make a new single tree from a plane primitive and use PutPivot to place the pivot at the bottom, set up the material, export it and test it in the viewer to make sure it works. If you have a few different tree's, make new plane's for all of them and test them in the viewer. Once they are all done and working you can move to the next step

    Back to the existing trees,,
    Attach all the tree's together into one object for each tree texture, but don't go over 2000 elements, if you have more than 2k, then just make as many as you need. 32bit max could crash if you go too high, I stick to 2k cause its more efficient.

    *You can select all tree objects and do it in one go, but again, you will max out max and it will probably take longer. so just do them one object at a time.

    Select a tree object and create a new layer with that object in it and turn off the other layers so you are left with just the one tree object
    Run ObjectDetacher on it, this will detach all elements into single objects.
    Select all the detached trees and use put pivot to place the pivot point at the bottom of the tree.
    Then use ObjectReplacer select a single object which will be one of the new trees you made (and obviously one with the same texture as the ones you just detached), you should be able to still select this tree even though the layer it is in is hidden by using Select BY Name and turning on the hidden objects filter.
    In ObjectReplacer, turn off all the options but leave position and layer on.
    Change the output to copy (not instance) if you make instances it will complicate things, but if for example you do leave instance selected by accident, make sure to select all detached and convert to poly before re-attaching them, or you will create a million tree objects and max won't be happy
    *Important*, save your project now because doing this process on a lot of objects can cause max to crash.
    Then select all the tree objects you just detached and run the script (click apply). It might take some time, so don't give up to easy if max freezes, if its gone for longer than ten minutes then there is a problem, reduce the amount of objects your trying to replace by selecting half of them and create a new layer for them and turn the other one off so you don't get confused, then go back to the other layer to do the other half.

    Once the script has finished, you should be left with all the new trees you just replaced, select one and in the Modify rollout, click 'attach list' and select all and attach them all together. Or manually attach them into the groups you had them in previously.

    It should all work now.

    I think I got all the right info in here, It has been a while since I had to do this, but if something is not working then feel free to yell at me
    Please forigve my bad tpygin, Porblem Exsits Between Keybaord and Chair,,,, G25...

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    Butters's Avatar

    May 2011
    Cheers for the time taken to give your response mianiak. I did try getting the billboard trees going about a year ago but gave up after no success but will have another crack on the weekend trying the above.

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