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    Car flies into the Air without a reason

    I dont know if im the only one with this problem: If im driving in private practice the car suddenly flies up into the Air and the Engine is broken without any reason. There is no collision or anything else. It happens with every car, on every Lap, on every Track. Has somebody an explanation fr that?


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    Problem solved!

    A new installation of rf2 solved the Problem!

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    I also have this problem. The car flies into the air randomly on all tracks and with any car. It did it on the first release and the new build.

    I've tried reinstalling and re-downloading everything but the problem still exhists. Very confused by it.....

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    How frequently? According to the OP it sounds like it happens all the time, but I'm not sure if that means you always get it within one lap or what. Perhaps try deleting your UserData/Log/CBash directory? Something seems corrupted, but I'm not sure what ... any other odd behavior? Does it happen to the AIs as well?

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    After reading the known issues file (which I should have done first!) I discovered this was due to the force feedback update problem with old steering wheels (I'm using a Microsoft sidewinder). I've now made the changes suggested to the refresh rate of the FFB and the games works fine!

    Thanks for the help anyway!

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