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Thread: Keyboard inputs not getting trough

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    jtbo's Avatar

     PC Specification Modding Group: Finns on track 

    Jan 2012

    Keyboard inputs not getting trough

    In dev mode, when I want to enable / disable rev counter by pressing number 5, it is possible only when you hit number 5 repeately, same for any of those numbers and enter key to cycle rpm/tire temps/times etc.

    Function keys seem to be working as before as are numpad keys for camera controls at swing man mode.

    Also when returning from replay mode black bars of replay graphics come and go really really slowly.

    I did test this with rtrainer and mod I'm working with, several times starting and shutting down rFactor2, but it seem not to be going away, but I will test today too and see if new day changes anything, also single player mode is something not yet tested.

    edit: Tested single player and it is same, issue is new with this new version. I'm using usb keyboard, but I guess everyone these days.
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    whiplash's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Jan 2012
    Same issue here, if i want to toggle the lcd with button on my wheel (fanatec gt3rs) i have to push it a lot, or hold it down for a few seconds. Sometimes, there seems to be absolutly no response from the button. But turning headlights on for example (on my wheel as well) works without any problem.

    edit: Sounds wierd, but after i did enable the new sync-option (video) and restartet rf2, it was ok.
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    blackcat77's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Newer Member
    Oct 2010
    Anderson IN, USA
    Same here. LCD toggle only works very occasionally. Changed input key and it didn't solve problem. Neither did changing sync setting.
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    whiplash's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Jan 2012
    Seems that it fixed itself only for a short time, now it's the same as before... Haven't done any changes.

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    jumi2's Avatar

    Newer Member
    Dec 2011
    Got the same problem, the status window is the problem for me, i just wont cycle thru the settings sometimes, not with keyboard, nor wheel button, it switches over very seldom. I noticed also something odd, while driving the num lock, caps lock, scroll lock lights on my keyboard went off and on and off. Dunno what that was.
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    Denstjiro's Avatar

     PC Specification Where I race 

    Oct 2010
    I have no idea where i posted this today but no matter, i had the same issues, it was because my Sync was on Software, changed it to GPU and all was good again.

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