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Thread: Dedicated not connect to matcher

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    Dedicated not connect to matcher

    Hi all,

    I have a dedicated server with various rfactor 1 online servers and one rfactor 2 server.

    Since Monday rfactor 2 is online after i changed the ports from multiplayer.ini to deconflict

    Yesterday and today its not visible, yesterday i remember "not connected" or similar in the matcher status, so i tried to exit the server and reload it, since then the server can mount the dedicated, but it no appear any message in this matcher status, and there is not possible to see the server on server multiplayer list.

    I tried changing several time the ports, pasting and overwriting my multiplayer.ini (dedicated works fine on mi pc) and finally unnistall and reinstall rfactor2, and mods, with same result.

    Can someone help please?


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    Jun 2011
    The default ports on the RF2 dedicated server are diferent from the ones used on RF1, so there's no conflict. I have both online and everything runs perfectly. The ports are:


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