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Thread: multiplayer - cannot join a lot of server

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    arnaud67's Avatar

    New Member
    Jan 2012

    multiplayer - cannot join a lot of server

    I'm not able to join approx +- 50 % of the public servers , msg info : "disabled , mod not foud"
    although the mods and track are installed and are running
    Can you help me ,thx

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    Tripp's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Dec 2010
    Delete rfactor 2 and reinstall it helped me when i see i had all things installed anyway it not worked so i delete rf2 and isntall it again and now it works again rf2 is still little buggy and behave strange but it is a beta and a beta always have bugs . .

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    arnaud67's Avatar

    New Member
    Jan 2012
    ok , thanks

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