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Thread: Crashs, mechanical failures and repairs

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    Crashs, mechanical failures and repairs

    Hey guys!

    Could you please give us some information about the damage- and repair system of rfactor 2?

    Especially in endurance races, I often saw broken-down vehicles getting picked up and brought back to the pits, where the mechanics spent hours with repairing the car to get it back on the track. Teams are replacing suspensions, turbo chargers, exhausts or even gearboxes and whole engines.

    Will we see something like that in rfactor 2?

    Cheers, Baule

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    I'd love to have specific mechanical failures like that. Even random ones.
    That you lose several gears at the end of the race and have to avoid those gears because you'd make it worse. It would be communicated in the form of sounds whilst shifting into the affected gear or a delayed or stuttering shift.

    Or that you have to take it easy on the turbo and turn down the boost. This could be communicated by a different engine note, a different engine characteristic (loss of power or cut-offs and stuttering in non-turbo engines for specific failures) and maybe a certain amount and a specific color of smoke from the exhaust and for some failures from the engine bay. I'd love it. Different colors of smoke would rock, black for fuel problems, blue for turbo/oil problems and white for water problems.

    Besides driving, tuning, weather/track conditions, traffic and tire management, coping with mechanical faillures is also part of racecraft in my opinion.

    netKar PRO has this feature that let's you wait for the time it would take for your car to be repaired depending on the damage before you can rejoin the race from the pits. Most people find it annoying, but is see the merrit to it in endurance racing though.

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