Certainly one of the most frustrating things that happens when racing online is finding that you have been booted because of mismatches. Most of the players that I have talked to seem to want the ability to drive all cars on all tracks. I am one of those players as well. I have an idea that might just satisfy the rights of the programers and the desires of the players at the same time.

If we had an application that would "inventory" all car and tracks that are currently approved/installed, and write the appropriate file that allows all cars and tracks to be used as desired by the player the players desires would be met and in making this an overwrite type application only one file would exist at any given time to provide for the protection of intellectual property, and would just as easily include those changes that are not only desired, but are necessary in a project that is accessible to the community. An application like this could be made available through a command button on the "Manage Modes" page.

Just thinking...