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Thread: Dritter Patch / Build 85 released

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    Spacekid's Avatar

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    Knowledgeable member

    Dritter Patch / Build 85 released

    Download im folgenden Thread: http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/1396-Downloads

    UPDATE 4 Changelog (MAY 18, 2012):

    Improved lighting math
    Improved HDR rearviews
    Fixed mirrors too dark when using HDR
    Improved post-processing in multi-view mode
    Fixed side-channel clearing in multi-view mode.
    Fixed HDR in multi-view mode
    Viewport fix for multi-view
    Improved dynamic road
    Changing shadow detail level now causes a shader re-compile
    Changed base turbidity to 1.8 to brighten sky a bit.
    Reduced minimum vertical FOV from 20 to 10 degrees.
    improved graphical steering pivot for non-player vehicles
    Now applying heat haze to graphics, note new PLR option "Heat FX Fade Speed" which can be used to completely disable.
    Fixed broken HDR lum histogram
    attempt to fix body parts disappearing in multiplayer

    Added support for gear ratio sets.
    Added ability to have gear-specific ratios.
    Added DRS rules.
    Added some GDB-configurable atmospheric conditions.
    Changed flap buttons to act as toggle by default, but with a controller.ini option "Hold Flap Button" if the user prefers to hold it down.

    Scrub sound improvements via the SFX file: can now have tire-specific samples, can be played individually rather than combined into one output, and more control over the frequency modulation.
    Defaulting ScrubIndividually to true

    fixed safety car incorrectly pitting for a tire change (and leaving the rest of the field in limbo)
    fixes for AI pit lane behavior when no dedicated pitlane exists.
    some minor tweaks to AI stalking behavior.
    AI more likely to stay on throttle when along side a car they are trying to pass.
    fixed a bug where cars would move towards rather than away from a car next to it going into a corner
    fixed bug where sometime AI, at start of formation to standing start, immediately tries to park.
    better handling of grip lose around fast corners
    AIs will turn on and off rear flaps as required.
    Tried to ease up on the throttle cuts caused by tires bouncing off the ground for a tick while otherwise being in control

    Screen interface added to Internals Plugins in order to facilitate 3rd party overlays; currently untested and subject to change.
    Now reporting to internals plugin whether blue flag being shown for each vehicle.


    fixed the calculation of the "X display not available" X coordinates for MFD when under AI control.
    added some gizmos and actions to facilitate multiplayer auto mod download and install from a dedicated server
    added download mod status bar & cancel button
    allowing problem mods to show up in lists (so that the problems can be displayed on the info screen)
    added info buttons and code for rfm scrollbox to show new state of uninstalled mods with virtual components that are missing.
    LED and HUD support for DRS status
    changed scaling scrollbox gizmos (rfm, veh, track, hud, showroom & ui) so that they can accept textures other than 1024x1024 uncompressed textures.
    Removed PLR file option "Wheels Visible In Cockpit" which was made obsolete by the VEH variable "FrontWheelsInCockpit" a long time ago.

    Fixed some unresponsive keys when using soft vsync.
    Fixed problem with keyboard repeats in time acceleration.
    Fixed warmup time increasing by 1 each time a server is set up.
    Fixed problem where re-attaching a wheel in the pits would result in phantom collision.
    Improved thread safety by using local file finder classes.
    Fixed a error message that was incorrectly saying missing RCD files.
    Fixed bug where requesting a pitstop while on the grid would sometimes cause a stop/go penalty.
    Fixed 'Temporary Boost' button.
    Fixed bug where requesting a pitstop while on the grid would sometimes cause a stop/go penalty.

    Added mod downloading to sim
    Added settings for HTTP Server and rfmod sharing.
    Added PLR variable "Car Vibration Mult2" in order to allow separation of orientational vs. positional effects, and added PLR variables "Seat Pitch", "Seat Yaw", and "Seat Roll" to allow an offset from which direction the cockpit camera points.


    fixed not being able to switch UIs in mod mode.
    removed "no ai" restriction from public dev build
    added a scale value in HUD editor for flags & stat bar positions
    got digital gages working in the HUD. Can now expand in any of four directions.
    HUD editor stability fixes
    HUD editor fixes. instead of numbers, will write out the function and font names for led, text, and digital gages
    "rFactor - Simulation for the Soul!"

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    Dirty83's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Jan 2012
    Habe das update und die updates der Mods installiert. Beim starten des Games (nicht Launcher) kommt: "rFactor 2 funktioniert nicht mehr..." Habe auch schon das Game deinstalliert und alles neu installiert. Immernoch das gleiche!
    Habe auch diese BUILD 85 FULL INSTALLER exe ausprobiert. Das selbe, kriege es nicht zum laufen. Kann aber auch nicht sagen was ein fehler es ist, kommt immer nur der Hinweis: rF2 funktioniert nicht mehr....

    Wäre nett wenn mir jemand helfen könnte
    Gruß Andy

    Edit: In der Computerverwaltung habe ich folgendes gefunden:

    Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: rFactor2.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x4fbd2fd1
    Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: rFactor2.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x4fbd2fd1
    Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000005
    Fehleroffset: 0x0034f288
    ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x3e8
    Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01cd397d16b40460
    Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: D:\Games\rFactor2\Core\rFactor2.exe
    Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: D:\Games\rFactor2\Core\rFactor2.exe
    Berichtskennung: 56765f80-a570-11e1-a50c-001d7dc22ff1

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    Gurkensalat's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    New Member
    May 2012
    Hallo Dirty 83, habe gestern Abend das gleiche Problem gehabt. Der Haken war der neue ISI Formula Masters Mod. Der sollte zum schluss installiert werden. Erst den Formel Renault 1.2 Installieren und dann ISI Formula Masters. So funzte es bei mir. Hoffentlich klappt es bei dir auch, ich drücke dir die Daumen.

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    zack's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Oct 2010
    wenns nur schon nen normalen link gäbe,torrents klappen nicht bei mir.
    bin schon ganz kirre
    hauptsach gsund samma...und d'Frau hod a Orbat.

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    Dirty83's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Jan 2012
    So, habs gebacken bekommen. Erst mal wieder schön deinstalliert, registry gereinigt, System neu gestartet und angefangen zu installieren.
    Konnte erst sämtliche Mod´s installieren und updaten bevor ich die ISI Formula Masters und GTWorldEndurance installieren konnte.
    Das war bei denn zich versuchen vorher nicht der fall
    Naja, hauptsache es funzt jetzt

    @Gurkensalat, trotz allem danke für denn Tipp und ein hammer Avatar hast du da

    gruß andy

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    SeKa's Avatar

    Oct 2010
    Germany - Munic
    Ihr könnt euch gerne auch hier registreiren Leute: www.orcl.de

    Wir pflegen rFactor 2 beta Sektion auf deutscher Sprache, inkl Downloads...

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    Gurkensalat's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    New Member
    May 2012
    Dirty 83--Genau; Hauptsache es funzt. Einen schönen Tag noch.

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    Spacekid's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Knowledgeable member
    Schön das es funktioniert hat.
    "rFactor - Simulation for the Soul!"

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    F1 2004's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Oct 2010
    Die ISI Formula Masters Mod macht echt Spass mit einem guten Setup. Seit dem Update habe ich flimmern in Spiegeln. Das nervt schon recht. Die Performence ist nochmals besser geworden. Wenn man in Game, environment reflection, auf on einstellen. Sieht es wirklich grossartig aus aber leider verbraucht es sehr viel Perfromence.
    Was mir beim ISI Formula Masters Mod stört ist dass der Unterschied zwischen vollen und leichtem Auto sehr gering ist. DRS ist echt geil. Wieso hat es kein Kers? Kommt das später noch?

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