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Thread: Driver swaps

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    Nick Phillips's Avatar

     PC Specification Where I race 

    Oct 2010
    Wolverhampton, England

    Driver swaps

    A lot of discussion at Race2play around long endurance events and driver swaps, will this be in rF2?
    Nick Phillips

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    MaXyM's Avatar

     PC Specification Facebook profile @@MaXyM_SRPL 

    Oct 2010
    Prague / CR
    as far as I know ISI has fixed driver swap issues found in rF1

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    Dave Stephenson's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Newer Member
    Oct 2010
    Liverpool, UK
    I sure hope so, endurance racing is getting quite a following on our site, especially in rF. Would love to see simpler, more reliable support for it.

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    Achim Ennenbach's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Newer Member
    Oct 2010
    Germany, near Bonn
    And rejoin possibilities after disconnect would be a great enhancement to endurance racing with driver swaps.

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