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Thread: Variable AI

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    Mar 2011

    Variable AI

    In NR2003, we had an option for the AI to set them to "learn" what strength to be at. Instead of setting a specific AI strength, is there any way that we could have an option to set the initial AI strength and have it carry through series, race weekend, overall, weather, weight penalty, series/car, etc.?

    For example,
    Have the AI strength stored in a file for each individual track and their respective sessions and similar weather conditions, say every 5 degree difference, car type, weight, etc. After every session, it would compare your result to any current info for the AI, session, weather, etc, and either create an AI level, or make adjustements to what is there. That way, as you improve and start to beat the AI, their level is increased or decreased.

    This also works really well from a track to track perspective where you may need an AI level of 95% at one track, and a 89% at another to be "competitive".
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    Mar 2011

    No offense intended, but this has NOTHING to do with requesting a variable AI setting. Unless I missed your point, you need to move this to a new thread. Thanks!

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    very good idea!
    IsI should consider this

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