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Thread: Material transparency issue

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    Material transparency issue

    Hi guys,

    Got a difficult one. I have some windows that I have modeled from scratch and when looking ingame they don't appear unless they have a NONE transparency set in 3DSimEd. It doesn't only apply for windows though, anything with any kind of transparency has this. They appear fine on no transparency but with any kind of transparency they don't appear at all.

    Model was created in Max 2010, then exported via the Pandasoft .X plugin (Although think the same issue occured exporting .3DS but I will try again to confirm. and materials set in 3DSimEd. Textures created in either Paint.Net or Photoshop, both have the problem. And yes, it does look fine in SimEd.

    Any help on the matter?



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    Windows need something like reflection (cube) or specular map/colour to make them 'appear' otherwise they will be completely transparent and you wont see them.

    btw, why don't you just use 3dmax to export the gmt's?
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    It doesn't only happen with windows, though. The problem is also with a 2D plane object that has a texture (Bonnet pin in this instance) with a transparent surrounding. This has to be transparent otherwise there will be the surrouding when that shouldn't be there. However, when the transparency is multiple none of the object appears, even without a cubemap/spec map I should be able to see the bonnet pin texture?

    I have tried again to export but this time using 3DS and same result

    I don't export from max because it is to complicated () but I may need to figure out how to do it for this as it is very annoying.

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    You may need to set the alpha channel in your texture-- a black/white mask for the pin, and a shade of gray for the windows.

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    Read that and thought it was onto something, but no. Now I have tried a transparent texture from another mod which does work and it doesn't appear (Still).

    So, from that logic I would assume it is the model not working properly. I will try get the .GMT exporting functioning and have a crack at that.

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    Finally got this fixed! Not sure what did it but will get to find out soon when I do a bit more exporting. I had an older model which had windows which did work and so I merged my new Max model with that Max scene and exported as .X from there. Then I imported the old windows (Which worked) and my model in SimEd. Then I changed the materials to be exactly the same as the old one regardless of texture and stuff. This worked ingame and slowly changed things over to what I needed (Name, RGB, texture) and it now works! Something it might be is the bias setting, was 0 on mine but now is -1.2?

    Either way pleased it works and will test this in the future without going through the hassle of merging and testing after each change.

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