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    Next Session - not woring while On-line


    I have the following problem:
    When playing on-line, when the session (any) ends (in any way voting, time, restart) my rFactor doesn not switch to the next session. Most of the times the "Drive" button is just black and nonclickable. Sometimes I can switch to the next session, drive for say 5s and then in chat field there is a text: "Waiting for server..."

    What is it?
    Please help!

    • My rFactor installation is fresh and the latest (1.255 update F)
    • I have all necessary mods and tracks installed.
    • I have checked it both at common servers and privets sessions.
    • I'm using standard windows firewall + AVG Anti-Virus 2011 Free Edition.

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    Maybe it's just that server, try another.

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    Was it working fine in the past or has this always been happening?
    Please see the FAQ section for solutions to common issues

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    I tied different servers.

    I even tried to switch off Firewall - still the some.

    It worked previously on my machine,
    but I have just recently reinstalled system and changed internet provider.

    Pings, are fine, I can play during practice (or qual if I join at that time), but still can't switch sessions...

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    I don't know that exact reason but you are being denied or are unable to restore a TCP connection with the server.

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    ok, I have done some testing,
    I have installed the some rFactor on different machine and connected to the my network and..

    effect is exactly the some... (can not switch sessions)

    Furthermore I have connected both PC's to the network without my local Router - the some effect.

    So it looks for me that there is something wrong with my network.
    I had a quick chat with my admin and he told me that there should be everything fine

    I have dynamic IP address.
    Could you please tell me what should I change/check in my network in order to have everything working?

    Open ports, passive mode etc... ?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    any ideas?

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    ok, problem solved, my provider has changed sthy in net settings and now it works perfectly

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