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    iCErAINCTV's Avatar

     PC Specification 

    Newer Member
    Dec 2011

    Player stats/page

    Hi there,

    is there a site where i can see my best times for eachh track like in rF1 the player profile?
    thx in advance


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    Stevenking's Avatar

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification Where I race rF2 Rank Laptimes 

    Feb 2011
    Bologna, Italy
    I think no, because the scoring function of the plugin must be fixed in the next update from ISI

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    Tim Wheatley's Avatar ISI Staff

     rFactor 2 Validated PC Specification @timwheatley1979 YouTube Channel Twitch/Streaming Channel Photo/Screenshot sharing profile 

    USA (Central)
    That. And we also intend to have stats visible eventually.

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