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Thread: Weird bug

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    Weird bug


    First of all, thanks for the good work.

    But I got a weird bug over here. I am driving, and sudenly its like I hot something on the track.
    But there is nothing on the track to had hit. Then I spin into the air, and keep spinning higher and higher.

    Got this on all tracks and with all cars. Just a minute ago I was driving formala renault on Estoril, and on the
    straight into lap 2, all the other cars where frozen. I overtook 2 and it happent again.

    In the replay the cars do drive. Havent drove a full lap yet

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    Think it is the same problem described as here:

    Will try the solution when I get home thursday.

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    Yes, this did the trick. Guess I need to upgrade my customized MS wheel someday soon then.

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