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Thread: Rfactor2 Rankings

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    Oct 2010
    Your suggestions sounds quite nice
    I think a reputation system like this would be very effective, because only those drivers , who are able to driver get a positive vote. When you have an ordinary leaderboard, where anybody who get good placings in race can get good ranking as well, there are always people which are fast, but still crash other people or don`t know what the meaning of a blue flag is, with a reputation system like this this couldn`t happen
    The only problem is that the drivers have to vote for eacht other and most people are to lazy for voting :/

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    Nov 2010
    Yeah because the most of the people are to lazy, there will be found some/many groups/leagues, with Pro player who drive with interested driver or to teach something. i think thats not the problem, otherwise all players have to play on "noob public servers", and i think, if somebody really want to drive good and not only 3 times a year, he becomes a pro status fast.
    One Expansion would be, that ISI have some "Academys", e.g. for teaching (with challenges) or with some voluntary admins...
    hmm only dreaming at the moment, but would the best present that ISI could make^^

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