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Thread: Why all the negativity towards Formula Renault 3.5?

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    Very, very loose even with maximum downforce, mainly at rear. And the tyre's sound doesn't help: it's too quiet.

    I cannot believe a real FR be so hard to drive, the races wouldn't finish at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PLAYLIFE View Post
    If you use correct punctuation your posts will become easier to read and make more sense. You make some valid points but I'm getting a headache trying to read it.
    I agree with Playlife :0

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    I had a bit of a play with these things around Malaysia yesterday. Nothing wrong with the car. Try and pick a line in the first corner to avoid the bumps. I found a late apex and keep it tight on the ripple strip on exit to be around the mark.
    Wheel settings for a G25 were 900 degrees in the logitech profiler and 340 degrees in game.
    Here is my Malaysia full course set up.

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