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Thread: Heat Haze change request & minor issues

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    Heat Haze change request & minor issues

    I noticed that Heat haze effect works also when vehicle are moving.

    Heat Haze effect should be displayed only when vehicle are standing with engine on, because with speed the effect is not visible in real life, this should also give back some fps with a lot of vehicles, and also improve the visual effect, because heat air effect in the tail (big notice on Megane) looks like bad aliasing with the rear wing shadow.

    I suppose that you know that also rain can fall inside the tunnel
    and dirt grass and small sand stones(when you hit outside of the track), are visible on the bottom of the cockpit
    I suppose you know this because its the same on rF1

    best regards

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    Agree with the heat haze... It's rather overdone when driving. I'd rather see some exhaust gasses.

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    I just want to turn it off, it's way overdone. Couldn't find anything in the config file to get rid of it, or at least tone it down.

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    There is no option to turn it off.
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    Bump. There needs to be, or at least lessen the effect so everythings not so blurry.

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    I read in a post that effect can be turned on/off using the wind and crowd setting in video graphics section.

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    i turned that option off but the heat haze effect is still present

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    today I tried to "inject" a modified heat fx for the 60's and the megane.

    First I got the names of the related gmt files out of the main mas.
    Then I created an empty textfile and named it according to the gmt filename.
    Using the mas2.exe I added this new gmt to the installed\sounds\ masfiles related to the mod.

    60s - heatflare removed
    Megane - heatflare still there, mas2.exe crashes when writing/reopening the mas.

    Wanting to reenable the 60s heatflare by restoring my backup I found out: the heatflare is still gone.

    So this is not a solution - it's not suggested to test it.
    I thought the information might be useful for ISI.


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