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Thread: oval/stock car rules package

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    oval/stock car rules package

    Will the oval/stockcar rules package be updated for rF2?

    (sorry if asked elswhere...didn't see any posts on the subject)

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    I sure hope so as well. Although there should be several rules packages and or the ability to mod rules based on the series being run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lespaul20 View Post
    and or the ability to mod rules based on the series being run.
    This I agree with. If you look at all the cars that were modded into rF1 and all of the different rule sets they would use in real life, that would be a massive job for ISI to have them all ready to go in game.

    If you make a 2009 V8 Supercars mod, you will have some races where only one tire compound is allowed, sometimes two compunds are mandatory. Sometimes those two compounds need to be split between a Saturday and Sunday race. Three races only are dual driver, in most cases with the two team drivers sharing a car, and two hired drivers in the second. In one race only front pad changes are mandatory.

    Now imagine ISI having to program in rules like that for dozens of series.. I think it is better if they leave the rules very moddable, so things like that can be achieved by the teams involved. I could be overstating the difficulty, I am no coder, but it seems like it would be a ton of work to have it all in game.

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    I've suggested the same here: rF2-Wishlist-Various-Sources

    Many people seem to support this Idea, so perhaps ISI will look into it

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    I hope so, the main reason I got rFactor 1 was because I saw stock cars, and I believe the NR2003 servers were taken down

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    I'd really like to see some Saturday night racing. Qualify run your heat, mains etc. No one has ever done this except Ratbag.

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    Moddable Rules would be great! Different penalties for speeding, the new double file restarts and the proper Lucky Dog with wave by cars.

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    I agree with Mike....there should be a way of editing the rules to fit the mod type such as stockcars.

    PS. Hey Mikey

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    First post(yay me!)

    Has anyone heard any confirmed info on this from anyone in the know? I have searched the forums here a few times and have seen the question asked a few times but have yet to see a confirmed answer. I am on the fence at the moment as to whether to purchase, this would be a big decision maker for me.

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