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    Question how to make weather dynamic in practice

    hey guys!

    i would like to set up my practice only session to have
    dynamic weather, say 50% sunny, 50% rain.

    but weather doesn't evolve during practice, only in
    races... in practice, it uses only the first of the states
    in the weather sequence (0-25%).

    is this possible?

    thanks in advance!

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    Oct 2010
    How long practise session are you running? if you run 30minutes practise then rain should start after around 15 minutes maybe youre just running very long practise and the weather takes long time to evolve

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    i put practice duration to 5 (minutes?).
    then i use ctrl+x to accelerate time, but it stays in first weather stage.

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    Are you setting up the weather on each sessions tab? Each session has it's own tab.

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    Definitely does evolve. Even if it doesnt rain ive came round to do another lap and its been foggy. Sessions go from wet to dry and back again etc, and parts of the track can be wet while others dry or drying too.

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    also, no matter what i set practice duration, it always lasts 30 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Wheatley View Post
    Are you setting up the weather on each sessions tab? Each session has it's own tab.
    yep, checked green practice box to include practice session
    and configured the weather stages for practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandre Martini View Post

    also, no matter what i set practice duration, it always lasts 30 hours.
    Yeah, same here.

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    Jan 2012
    I cant make it work too...

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    Mar 2011
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    I have made it work... I set practice to 20 mins, and then I go to the Practice Weather tab, set weather to "Scripted", and change the 5(?) weather stages to various conditions. Then, over the 20 mins, the weather goes through those stages.

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    i found what's happening.

    if you configure it only to have practice (no race or quali sessions),
    you get into a "test day" mode and the countdown timer starts at
    30 hours.

    if you configure to have practice and race sessions, you get into a
    "practice" mode and the countdown timer works as you configured.

    thanks for the help, guys!

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    A question about this. Is it possible to put aleatory weather? Will this option be in the final version?

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    Thank you, there are too many messages and I have not seen it.

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    Practice and qual, in the dedi order, are switched i think.

    You have to follow the listing order, ie qual, practice, race, to set practice, qual and race.

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    If you select only practice then weather is constant, but if you activate qual and race sesion, and then run practice, dynamic weather works fine.

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