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    'Payment for license is pending. Once payment has cleared, a license will be download

    Had this for about an hour now and have the receipt from paypal, any idea when I can expect to be able to play?

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    I've had the same for about 18 hours now and no change

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    Nov 2011
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    same problem here! May be the payment server is down or too much payment together. Like Räikkönen say: Wait and See

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    Dec 2011
    same problem

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    I also have this problem
    I'm guessing there's a long list of people with the same problem waiting to be sorted though?
    Off to bed now, hopefully it'll be all smiles in the morning ;D?

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    Hi Guys!

    I was wondering to know how I could buy a license for someone else and the procedures to do it, if I'm posting on the wrong thread please show me where I can post my doubt.



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    Hi folks.

    i have got the Credit card declined message here. upon trying again i was told i can not use the card for 24 hours. i also have the "Payment for license is pending. Once payment has cleared, a license will be downloaded" message.

    other observations i have are the the payment option for "country" is now missing the United Kingdom option.

    so im rather confused. Have i payed ? what next ?

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    Jan 2012
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    same here......just wish I knew if payment went thru. Have an invoice # but thats all. Possible one could put in worng card number or maybe its correct and really just pending. Would be nice to know at least.

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    Jan 2012
    Salut a tous, gros problème rencontrer depuis 1H . J'obtiens ce message d'erreur a l'ouverture :

    Unfortunately, Keller Jean-Pascal, your payment has failed

    Quand je vais dans réactiver, il me dit qu'il est bien actif avec l'email ...... Le paiement à été prélever sur mon compte ....J'ai pue jouer hier soir et cette après midi jusqu'à maintenant et plus maintenant ( sauf hors ligne )

    Et quand je veux me login pour jouer en ligne , j'obtiens ceci : Login attempt resulted in unknown server response. Login attempt was not successful.

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    ok ive worked it out.

    payment directly to ISI with cards seem borked.

    Payment with card via paypal works good. All working here ! \o/.

    the message appearing stating pending by isi is misleading. it suggests payment pending but as advised initially my card transactions were declined. so i believe it only indicates attempted payment.

    funny because in 2005 when i initially bought rfactor i had the same expereince.
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    rF2 by Master Card.

    Message :Payment for license is pending. Once payment has cleared, a license will be downloaded.


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    Same problem here, starting to get a little impatient.

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    Any chance of a reply from a mod? They moved it to this forum atleast.

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    look in your email account on the isi web site. My key was sitting there.

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    Same issue here.

    Think mine is because I have a single letter as my first name on my card it can't handle that. If I put in any more it doesn't match what's on the credit card database e.g. J Smith is what it should say but it doesn't accept that as it has to be 2 letters long. So if I put John Smith it accepts that but my credit card company declines it.

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    Apr 2011
    me too.

    oh well

    waiting here....

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    Oh well, card back in wallet and off to play something else for a few weeks. I'll wait till they open up the purchasing options (other credit card companies or Amazon)

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    Added instructions for pending payments.

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    Unfortunately the instructions don't address the issue of moneybooker (I think that's their name) not accepting a first name of less than two letters on a credit card as mine has just my initial (see my earlier post for more details). I've never had this problem in 10 years of purchasing online and it's just crazy. I now can't use this method of payment and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Is there any chance of either getting them to fix this or adding another provider for this service?

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