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Thread: Stereoscopic 3D Depth

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    Stereoscopic 3D Depth

    Hi there.

    I'd like to know some info about immersion of the 3d stereoscopic effect. I've been searching in the forums, but no results.

    I think would be wondeful be able to know the "brake point" just only with instinct, helping us just with the depth of 3d stereo, and not with the labels of 150-100-50 when we reach a curve.

    This point is important, this 3d stereo vision compatibility. If this doesn't do well, its really easy see confusing shadows, or hdr glows in different parts of the car/track for each eye at the same time. Its really confuse see for right eye the shadow of the sun fall at front-left of the car, and for the left eye the same shadow, but at front-right, or that the light glows doesn't be coincident/coherent. This would be able to ruin completely the experience of the "instictive measure of the depth" ability.

    Please, remember put an eye on this.

    For my side, yes, there are want Rfactor2, and I am wainting, but I prefer one handred times wait another long year, better than have a bugged/uncompleted product, so when you have it all working how you want, will be the hour, an here will be the community to reward your hard job.

    Like ID says, will be done when it wil be.

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    I brake in rFactor 1 with "gut feeling", you gotta have reference points, you do in real life as well (real F1 drivers do have reference points). Those markers do not have to be those reference points, they may be. I usually do not use them as they can be removed during race by crashing into them.

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    Well, I'm not sure discussing braking points is strictly on-topic (even if the OP did mention them), but I do agree maatriks - most drivers seem to use markers of some sort, and really trying to judge how far away a corner is to within a few yards/metres seems a bit unrealistic.

    Some interesting points above though, if things like HDR or bloom differ too much between the 2 views things could get a bit weird, though realistically the cameras are so close together it seems unlikely to be a major problem. And in the case of shadows only being visible to one eye etc, again the effect would be small (unless your eyes are 3 feet apart) and not unrealistic.

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