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Thread: rev limit in different gears?

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    steve55's Avatar

    New Member
    Dec 2010

    rev limit in different gears?

    Hi guys, first post on this forum, looking for a bit of info.

    Running rFactor with a modified F3 car and need to match the speeds in each gear with sim data and real data.
    I ran a test on a circuit and held the car on the limiter in each gear.
    In each gear (according to the data extracted ) the rev limit is changing ... set from the engine file as 7250rpm ...

    "RevLimitRange=(7250, 0.0, 0.0)

    Ie. gear 1 ... 7200
    gear 2 ... 7188
    gear 3 ... 7160-65
    gear 4 ... 7150
    gear 5 ... 7056

    as you can imagine, the gear ratios for the real F3 car are set with 7250 as the change point,
    giving a maximum speed for each gear. These are not equalling the speeds in the game, even though the correct tyre size,
    gear ratio and final drive is being used.

    can anyone shed any light on this?


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    Lazza's Avatar

     PC Specification Where I race 

    Oct 2010
    Is it possible the engine isn't producing enough power (at/near redline) to fully counteract the increasing drag? (stab in the dark)

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    LesiU's Avatar

     PC Specification Where I race Modding Group: SimRacingPL 

    Oct 2010
    Yes, that's exactly what's happening. At higher speeds, the engine doesn't have enough power to really hit hard on the limiter, like on lower gears.

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    steve55's Avatar

    New Member
    Dec 2010
    I see what your saying, im not sure its the drag ... it is strange though, as power increases after the rev limit on that engine model.

    thanks for your input guys


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    LesiU's Avatar

     PC Specification Where I race Modding Group: SimRacingPL 

    Oct 2010
    Do a simple test. Change gear ratios to be very short, so that on top gear you hit 50 kph or something like that and see if you hit the limiter at the same rpm as on 1st or 2nd gear.

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    adrian32's Avatar

    Newer Member
    Apr 2011
    a little bit late but it is because is tyre squash.

    Rfactor calculates gear ratios and speed from the radius of the wheel which does get smaller as you go faster and the tyre squashes but the problem is a tyre is like a belt so even though the radius is smaller the tyre will still cover the same distance but Rfactor does not allow you to view this, try experimenting with radius RPM to counteract the tyre squash again this is a limitation of Rfactor. Also with an F3 car you do not need a different limiter for each gear. you shift gears at different points for the rev drop but the limiter at about 7000 like you say but the shift points are much lower at about 6200 ish becasue with the inlet restrictor you cannot rev the engine thats why they always sound like they drone.

    I hope this has helped, also you should use motec if you are not already to anylize the gear ratios and suspension movement

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