• rF2 Forward: StockCars - An Interview with Marcel

    Now that Luminis’ Studio 397 has partnered with ISI and is tasked with the future development of rFactor 2, there are a lot of questions sim racers have regarding what is going to happen. I was able to discuss with Marcel Offermans, Managing Director at Studio 397 some details to the future of the rFactor 2 StockCars and IndyCars modules.

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    1. MarcG's Avatar
      MarcG -
      Thanks guod and Marcel (again!), that's a very extensive interview and well worth a read, some bits noteworthy that caught my eye:

      Doug: Could you name some improvements Studio397 plans specifically for oval track racing that haven’t been announced before?
      Marcel: One thing we are considering is an improved spotter

      Reiza have recently added a very good Spotter to their Sim and it's one of the many items that ISI originally planned some time ago, I've always dreamed of having a better Spotter/Chief Engineer banging on in my ears (yes I know there's some work done by others but I've not given them a proper go)

      Doug: Regarding the JSONs and other embedded control files, can we expect to see more and more of these added to the user interface? Using Notepad just to set some basic playing functionality seems counter to the Steam automation.
      Marcel: Yes

      Gimme a HALLELUJAH! One thing I detest about todays Sims (that's all of them!) is the constant need to faff about in Notepad to change one setting that could easily be in game in the UI, this is 2016 not 1996 so I'm glad Studio397 are looking into this, just hope it includes everything worth while as we really shouldn't be using notepad for anything IMO.
    1. boxer's Avatar
      boxer -
      Thanks guod... good read...
      I like especially "that would spoil the surprise if we said exactly what!"
    1. Will Mazeo's Avatar
      Will Mazeo -
      A poper working oval FCY can be tunned and used on road courses too and make it even better. Win-win even for those that don't like ovals
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