• rFactor 2 gets a boost as ISI announce a partnership with Luminis

    (Chris is at Simracing Expo, so I said I would post this for him.)

    September 16th, 2016, Image Space Incorporated (ISI) of Michigan and the developer of the rFactor 2 simulated racing platform, today announced a strategic partnership with the Dutch software group Luminis to accelerate rFactor 2’s development. The partnership will be brought into a new company: Studio 397.

    Gjon Camaj, Vice President of Image Space Incorporated: “We at ISI are very pleased to have found a partner that shares our enthusiasm and vision for the continued growth of rFactor 2. We look forward to working with Luminis to expand the reach of rFactor 2 both in Europe and beyond. After having worked with Luminis for some time and seeing their passion for motorsport simulation, this partnership was a natural next step. By leveraging each of our company’s individual strengths, we will be better able to serve our current customers and further expand our reach into the world of motorsports.”

    Marcel Offermans, Luminis Fellow and Managing Director of Studio 397: “I am really excited by the opportunities that our partnership with ISI offers; rFactor 2 represents the best of breed simulator platform in the industry. Online simracing has been my longtime personal passion, so the opportunity to combine it with my business feels like a great privilege. By infusing the platform with some of our own technology we see great opportunities to accelerate development in general and specifically in the areas of competitions and training.”

    The new partnership plans to release an ambitious roadmap for rFactor 2’s further development shortly; initial plans include improvements to the user interface, a DX11 based graphics engine including VR support and new propositions for strategic partners by the end of 2016, as well as increasing the frequency of new car and track releases.

    ISI is a Michigan-based corporation focused on applying engineering expertise to develop a range of simulator products. It is the developer and owner of a variety of software products including rFactor, rFactor 2 and rFactor Pro.

    Luminis is a Dutch based software technology company employing 150 developers in the Netherlands and UK. It develops advanced technical software related to cloud computing, data sciences and interconnected devices. Luminis also developed and exploits the Summar.io personalized educational platform.

    Studio 397 will have its headquarters in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands and will operate under the leadership of Marcel Offermans.

    Gjon Camaj (left) of ISI and Hans Bossenbroek (right) of Luminis
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    1. rogue22's Avatar
      rogue22 -
      Great news ISI.

      And this is why I ignore rumors.
    1. GTClub_wajdi's Avatar
      GTClub_wajdi -
      Well, this would be great and this will encourage me to build my new sim reg' after 2 years I left the sim racing world!

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    1. jkn87's Avatar
      jkn87 -
      Vr finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. TheGame316's Avatar
      TheGame316 -
      Excellent news. May I suggest something be put on the Steam discussions/news pages in regards to this
    1. Foxiol's Avatar
      Foxiol -
      Well, let's hope they never put their fingers in the physics department and leave that to you guys.

      About visual and performance improvements through DX11, I'm all in.

      Wish you the best ISI and for the new studio behind this baby.
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