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    Michael Juliano


    I can do that, which would involve increasing the slider range for the zoomed FOV. About how much are you thinking?

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    Michael Juliano

    Survival in RogSys

    The Core Module doesn't call for anything other than ship atmosphere, G effects and other combat related damages to affect the crew's survivability; but

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    Survival in RogSys

    I'm in favor of a simple hunger system, the only "complex" thing wold be to remember to resupply
    And as very well said by Ironwolf,

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    Survival in RogSys

    I think RogSys has the complexities where it matters most, so a simple hunger system would be a welcomed layer that enhances immersion.
    Yes, pilot

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    Survival in RogSys

    I'm personally Ambivalent/against that level of siming (preferring to sim the machine)..
    Having said that, if you look at some of Mike's KS / pre-alpha

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