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  1. Tyres... The Big One. (Part III) - Realtime Model Batch Tests

    As you will no doubt be aware, a lot has happened in recent weeks. I would like to assure you all that despite the change in management, the blog will continue into the future.

    Next up, to an answer to a question from the floor. I mentioned last time, that we basically optimize the tyre for their state that they see in corners. This is because the majority of lap time is gained through corners. You spend a significant portion of time cornering, corner apexes are also the slowest ...
  2. Tyres... The Big One. (Part II) - tTool & Batch Testing

    In part one, we mostly defined some generalized things about tyres, and a very basic implementation with the spreadsheet. Part II will go further into implementation. The final part, will cover mostly real time parameters and optimizations. Previously, we got as far as producing a 'theoretical' tyre in the spreadsheet, but never ran it in +tTool. Though, a 'completed' tyre is already in the V0.66 Brabham BT44B available on Steam, it should be noted that it is still a placeholder tyre. I never expect ...
  3. Tyres... The Big One. (Part I)

    I know people have been waiting for this for some time. What process do I actually use to create the tyres? What data do we need, and how do we use that data? These questions are deep and will have to be covered over at least a couple separate blogs. The first area is always going to be the data collection phase, and initial implementation, this is what I'm covering this week.

    Research/Data Phase
    This is a fairly time consuming aspect. You need to start here, you need to gather ...
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  4. Steering System, Force/Torque Distributions, and Some Little Bits.

    This will be the last blog entry, before we finally start covering tyres. This time we're going to cover the latest steering system. Add force and torque distributions afforded by UltraChassis. We'll also format the brake pressure to match our other cars and add a couple other little bits.

    Steering System

    Fig.1, An example of the real life steering ...
  5. UltraChassis Implementation (Chassis Flex Model)

    A short post again, covering the recently released Brabham BT44B (V0.21). First off, apologies for not syncing my blog post with the release. There were not a monumental number of changes, but the car was converted from the old rF1 style .pm (Physical Model) file to the latest UltraChassis file. This has a few advantages, firstly, the degrees of freedom are increased. Secondly, the steering response is slightly improved. Thirdly, some compliance's can be included. Fourthly, the solver appears to ...
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