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04-08-12, 11:21 PM
Some recent experiments with SLI AFR2 versus SFR indicate that SFR considerably reduces micro-stuttering on all tracks in Build 69. The default profile for the 296.10 drivers has AFR2 as the default. While AFR frame rates are double SFR, there is considerable stuttering in various parts of each track.

With SFR forced in the rf2 profile through NVidia Inspector, frame rates are a minimum of 30 FPS for all tracks with almost no stuttering.

Settings that worked are shown in the attached image.


Your Antialiasing setting may vary depending on the GTX cards used. Mine were GTX 580 3GB.
Tearing is minimal with VSync disabled but the NVidia frame rate limter set to 60 or 59 depending on the refresh rate. Resolution for this test was 6028X1200.

2XSGSSAA can be used for TSSAA instead of 8X SuperSampling for all tracks except Spa where the frame rate drops to 24 FPS minimum on large parts of the course. 2XSGSSAA does remove all antialiasing from road surface lines and armco barriers however. Some aliasing is still visible with 8X SuperSampling.