View Full Version : More Mod Manager Updates

04-02-12, 07:29 AM
I see a request to add an rfmod extension handler... one that will provide a package import process. Seconded. I think we could use a verb for Import, Install, etc.

I see a request to add remembering the size and position of the mod window. Seconded. If the Mod Manager is going to appear centered and not remember the sizes... then it may as well be a tab in the launcher.

I'd like to also see the interface get a bit of a face-lift to make it less confusing. For example, a small column with an asterisk in it, did NOT immediately let me know that I had a mod with an update available. Updating the mod changes the name to the mod file (to display the update name)? Even when both are required? Confusing. Heck, if packages can ONLY run from the "Packages" location, then why bother adding the full path in there?

It would also be good if the game could force you to activate mods before letting you into the game itself. An if this is not possible, then at least have the ability to load mods via the "Cars" interface as well. I was completely lost there for a while. And because I had all the mods in "Packages" and not installed... can I say that the in-game installer is UGLY to manage that. I would much rather an in-game rendered version of the mod manager than what we have right now.

That's all really. The games developing well. I suck... but that's not the games fault :). But as someone new to rFactor (missed the rF1 boat completely), the mods and interface designs threw me a bit.