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03-27-12, 05:50 PM
Since you made the tyre model so well, i'm pretty sure were gonna see some off-road crawlers and stuff like that, already one team tryed to make the camel trophy already for rF1. Now what they would need is locker diffs and possibly rear wheel steerning if the thing would go bigger, that shouldn't be too hard to make, you probably have it already, but i don't know it. Also RWS would be needed for proper simulation of some Nissan sportscars like GR-R 32-34 and 300zx atleast. But what is a bit harder to simulate is Honda Preludes 4ws like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-bkdERaJE8

I'd also like to see different kind of differentials apart from the limited slip differential, like detroit lockers for oldschool racing, torsen, and then the combo of torsen and LSD. For example, Torsen on 2wd works like intented only as long as both wheels have friction of some sort. Lift the other wheel to air, and no power is transmitted to other one. I remeber seeing one like that but cant remeber the name of it.

Also i would like to see solid "differential" (Spool, welded differential, behaviour is the same) too, because Legends cars use those, had those too at rF1 ;) And it's used too for poor mans lock for dragracing, rallying and drifting. Not very professional, but does the job none the less.

03-27-12, 08:23 PM
FWIW: You can currently simulate a "spool" diff by simply having a super high preload setting.

03-27-12, 10:23 PM
FWIW: You can currently simulate a "spool" diff by simply having a super high preload setting.

A full spool is different than a locker...

03-28-12, 06:54 PM
I realize they're two different things. However, Silent_Alarm listed the two types of diff separately. As far as a Locker....set your desired preload (probably pretty light), then have overall power lock at 100%, then coast locking next to nothing. I'm assuming a Locker is essentially a 1-Way Diff. lock on power, open on coast.

Basically, once you know how each diff type works, you can do almost anything. The only things you cannot yet properly "build" is a Torsen, or an LSD that functions like an OS Giken LSD.

03-28-12, 07:16 PM
Yeah, and you can lock the diff settings within the Series mod, so that is actually sort of worked out.

Thanks for clearing those out :)

But what about the 4ws? And the user controlled manually lockable differentials?

03-30-12, 07:18 AM
True AWD support with coding of each individual diff has yet to be seen.... ISI? Is anybody out there?

03-30-12, 11:56 AM
off topic, but turbos arent in the game engine either. They just make a peaky power curve so as to get a bunch of power coming on quickly, to feel like a turbo.

03-30-12, 04:45 PM
The only things you cannot yet properly "build" is a Torsen, or an LSD that functions like an OS Giken LSD.

Can you explain why you "cannot yet properly build" that type of diff?

03-31-12, 07:33 AM
For the Torsen, this is because rFactor really only supports "speed sensing" differentials. A Torsen is essentially a torque multiplying open-differential. It acts like an LSD until one side doesn't have traction...then it's an open diff. http://flashoffroad.com/features/Torsen/Torsen_white_paper.pdf

Below is a link to an explanation for the OS Giken LSD. I have one in my car. It's good stuff. To achieve a large lock figure in a traditional LSD, you need a lot of preload, which will have a negative affect on your turn-in. This diff has a small amount of initial preload.