View Full Version : In-game mp3/acc/ogg/flac/radio stream player or plug-in?

03-27-12, 04:50 PM
I'm pretty sure i'm not alone with this, but i listen to music while driving for various reasons, and different kind of music for different cars.

Ok not so realistic(?) considering racing, but it's a sim. I have noticed that Foobar2000 actually works behind the sim, and hotkeys work too. But some sort of input plugin or something would be good for controllig the in-game music while driving, even if it would actually control Foobars volume and playback, and could give optional minimalistic style popups about what is playing. Also if you could make mod specific playlists like you desire, that would be great. For example, i like to play some older style stuff (Earth, Wind and Fire - September 99 is a good example about that) while driving the 60's formulas, and electric music while driving modern trackcars and for american muscle cars there is nothing else that suits them better than proper rock. So when i would change the series from formula to, let's say GT endurance, i would get different kind of playlist automatically without having to go to windows and change the playlist manually.

But to make it all worth the hassle and the coding time you guys use, player should actually be able to determine from what folder the game reads the tracks. I mean, it's the most stupidest thing ever for personal in-game music to have a seperate folder at "my documets". I don't find it brilliant or even slightest bit approvable that you have to make 20 copies of one file because you want that music to play in every game you have. Now imagine that you have 50 tracks in one folder, and the same 50 in the next, and the next one and so on. I'm not really finding it great use for HDD space, having 20 copies in paraller folders.

I'm pretty sure that a Foobar2000, Winamp, iTunes, Microsoft Mediaplayer and Spotify plugins would be able to handle this all, and would be probably easyer than programming a full audioplayer inside the game, not to even mention that there would be less probabilities for audio playback errors. Sims 3 is a great example about that, many MP3 tracks don't play in-game, but foobar plays them nicely.

Best bet would probably be having a folder for playlist files (.fpl/.m3u etc.) where your Series or style spesific playlists would be, and in-game you could make playlists and decide what playlists are playing in specific series. Playback should be left for proper audio programs that would run without problems on the background, rather than try to make a proper one, it's not worth the hassle and possible problems to make your own + we could get a seamless audio playback, always a nice extra to have music while waiting a track loading and it actually wouldn't stop and change when the track is loaded and you enter the pits.

Now i'm being honest here, i don't want to ever use Windows mediaplayer unless it's really must. I just hate the whole program for so may reasons. So a possibilty for having few optional playback softwares would suit more people. Some like Spotify, others want to use iTunes, some use Winamp and Foobar2000, and the rest don't know anything else than WMP.

Johannes Rojola
03-27-12, 05:19 PM
I like your thinking.

Something like this could work. I remember having such "car radio" in 18 Wheels Of Steel games. It really added up the immersion, or atmosphere.