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03-27-12, 03:29 PM
There is nothing more frustrating than setting up a complete season and finding that the AI are easier or harder at each circuit you visit. Please can some thought be given to making some kind of easy adjustment system, so that the AI difficulty can be easily edited for each round. I know it is possible in rF1, but only by exiting out of the game and editing the AIW file until it suits the individual. There must be a more convenient and practical solution surely?

Example in rF2 - Mills Park is far more difficult than Mid Ohio, Probably 5 to 10% more difficult. I know ISI did not make the Ohio track, but there must be a way of balancing this for the individual. Is it even possible to edit the AIW anymore, without unpackaging mods? I hope so, I'm not stupid when it comes to editing most assets of rF1, but I do not have the skill of the modders to do the same in rF2 :(

Thanks :)

03-28-12, 04:07 AM
I would also like to have an option to adjust the spread of the AI so you can set the AI Strength but then an option to adjust the Spread. I always set up the AI to be just faster than I can lap but at times this means all the AI are faster than me, using a Spread option you could adjust the difference between the fastest and slowest.

03-28-12, 07:44 AM
Good point, I usually copy the engine file several times and edit their power to create a spread, but will I be able to do this in rF2 if it's all contained in a package? It would make far more sense to have a comprehensive choice of these adjustments contained in a 'season preferences' menu.
And to add another point to this, the fuel consumption varies too much between circuits, these things need to be more easily adjustable to make the performance suit the individual from circuit to circuit across the season.

03-28-12, 08:56 AM
It has at the very least to be easier to edit the AIW. It's the thing I most of the time have to edit in RF1 to get an acceptable Offline Race together.

03-29-12, 06:32 PM

03-30-12, 11:15 AM
yep I'm all for this, to do a season in rF1 I'd spend ages at each track in game and in files to get the I just right until I actually started racing the season....frustrating! Being able to adjust their strength whilst at the track would solve this.

As for the Spread, open your player.plr and search for AI Limiter and have a fiddle with that, worked a treat in RF1 but not touched it in RF2 yet but it is there :)

04-29-12, 12:31 PM
This is a definite for me too, each track should have it's own +/- speed adjustement. Not only would it be a massive help in itself, but if we have to start editing aiw files, we're going to get into a whole heap of packaging problem (again!).

05-03-12, 04:38 PM
Well, im coming from the f1 codemasters series to the Rfactor 2 just because of the poor AI engine in that game. Even with a lot of mods the AI in that game just don't work. They are totally out of sync in every aspect of the game, so im trying something different. I already thought that pace of the AI cars in Rfactor 2 and the spread depends, of course. So... that problem was fixed by the modders in Rfactor 1 ? And is it possible to edit the AI performace, driver by driver on Rfactor series? sry for the english.

05-20-12, 05:29 AM